talk bites2 Nothing to talk about with your colleagues at lunch break or the parents-in-law over dinner? Get through a conversation with the following short news from the depth of the internet.

1. Fashion News: Burberry have unveiled their 2015 ‘From London With Love’ Christmas campaign, starring Victoria and David Beckham’s son Romeo Beckham. The little one takes the lead role as the gift deliverer, supported by a group of dancers in trench coats – what else – and umbrellas. The soundtrack ‘The Way That I Live’ was recorded by the up-and-coming British musician Ed Harcourt. Very beautiful, artistic and Christmassy! Watch the festive film on the Burberry website.

2. New App: As part of Miu Miu’s women’s tales series, writer and artist Miranda July, in cooperation with Miu Miu, launched an app, called ‘somebody’. ‘Somebody’ offers a new and fun way to communicate: When you send your friend a message through the app, it doesn’t go to your friend, but to the somebody-user nearest your friend. This person, likely a stranger, delivers the message verbally. Just dare to use it, it’s a really fun public art project and available for free in the iTunes store! More on ‘somebody’.

3. Travel News: London’s famous Tower Bridge is celebrating its 120th birthday with a glass walkway, 138 feet above ground, with an somehow amazing and scary view on the river Thames. If you happen to be in London and are not afraid of heights make sure to pay a visit. Scaredy cats can see the pictures here.

4. Fun Fact: I have to admit, I do not totally get the point of Twitter. But it go a lot more fun when I stumbled upon the account of Bridger Winegar. He’s simply hilarious. His tweets are kind of senseless on one hand, on the other I keep thinking, he’s just so right. One of his Twitter gems: ‘If approached by a bear, you can play dead, or you can acknowledge the bear, say hello, and see what it needs. Have some decency.’

5. Podcast News: I’m totally hooked on the podcast Serial. Serial spawned as a proof-of-concept from the creators of This American Life and tells a single story over the course of a season. In this season the show re-investigates a closed murder case from 1999 revealing new and unbelievable facts, but the way of storytelling is the real art. If you haven’t given it a shot, do yourself a favor and do it now on the Serial website.

6. Fashion News: We’re a digital brand and we wanted to do something fun, innovative and shareable with our fans’, so said and done by ASOS in their new video project ‘Colour Control’. Fashion, music and e-commerce congeal in the interactive video for which the British fashion e-tailer partnered with Vice. While the band ‘Juce’ plays its new single ‘The Heat’ on loop, various models dance in five different segments organised by color. At the end of each segment, viewers can click a link leading to Asos’ website, where clothes corresponding with the respective shade are available for purchase.


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