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How should I introduce myself… Well, maybe I just start at the beginning.

I was born and raised in Munich, where I live know and which my heart clings to. Life has also taken me to Greenville (in the U.S.), Oxford and Paris for a while, every place has influenced me, the way I see the world and my way of living.

You won’t be surprised that I love travelling and exploring new places. Generally I would describe myself as a social media addict with a love for bright colours (hey, as an 80s child I have an excuse) with a slightly obsession for pink – simply because despite all colour-blocking trends, with my ginger hair I just can’t wear it. My passion is fashion. I love fashion because it’s one of the best ways to communicate and express yourself. I love to dress with that french twist – mixing high/low, a bit boho-like with that no-fuss-attitude. Even though I might not always succeed (I just can’t manage looking comfortable in high heels).

That was a bit about me, so you’ll have a little better idea what I am up to here on the blog.

Why a Blog

Something I am really good at is making plans. Plans for checking out the new must-go-to restaurant, trying out the chocolate cake recipe or finally taking out the new stunning dress to an appropriate location. Actually doing it usually is a bit more complicated. Most of the time I find myself kneeling frustrated in a bunch of magazines, loose papers flying around. Where did I put the recipe or restaurant recommendation I was searching for? Well, definitely never where I expected it to be. While thinking of a solution, consulting some friends and after a few bottles of wine, the idea of this blog was born.

So, welcome to silk & soda! A collection of fashion, food, travel, decoration and all the other little pleasures in life that inspire me and make life worthwhile for me. When I started my blog in Junly of 2012, I had no idea the adventure that lay ahead of me and still don’t know where it’s heading to. I’d love for you to share this adventure with me. Have fun scrolling threw, agree or disagree, share and – hopefully – find some inspiration.

What I do when I am not blogging

I am lucky to combine my weird affection for numbers with my passion for fashion and design. After studying international business and marketing I began my career working in sales and marketing at an international fashion retailer and follow my passion now in my own consultant company, focused on marketing and retail for the fashion industry. This adventure explains how I came to find my calling – social media. Through various projects for online-shops and online-magazines I decided to approach my latest adventure, the blog that you’re reading right now.

So enjoy,


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