easy christmas gift wrapping1 So you finished christmas shopping and got everybody the perfect gift? Now the fun and relaxing part of the holidays can begin. For me the joyful time starts with decorating the tree and wrapping gifts. I always opt for easy but creative gift wrapping ideas. This year I decided to wrap everything in simple kraft paper and be creative on the decoration. Need some inspiration? I’ve rounded up my favourite ideas for you!

easy christmas gift wrapping2

1. I like to use simple kraft paper. It always looks clean and modern and you can easily change the look for any occasion.

2. My favourite this year: Drawing ribbons, stars or christmas ornaments directly onto the kraft paper. You just need a black, white, silver or gold pen, just make sure the pen you use doesn’t go through the paper.

easy christmas gift wrapping3 3. Gift tags always add a little extra to any present. I found these free printable gift tags at a pair & a spare. Just go to the site and download them.

4. I spray-painted leaves in silver. You can also take nuts, fir cones or branches.

5. And last but not least: Christmas ornaments and matching ribbons alway do the trick.

easy christmas gift wrapping5


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