I know, the cute DIY Easter bunny jars have been showing up on many blogs since Easter is coming closer. But it is  so difficult to find some neat Easter decoration which is not kind of tacky or looks as if a 5 year old had done it. They are perfect as packaging for Easter treats or other give aways. Here is how you do it and happy Easter holidays!


1. What you need:

  • empty and cleaned glass jars (I used old jam jars)
  • bunny figures
  • super glue
  • spray paint (I used Montana Black spray paint in “Cocktail”, “Pink Lemonade” and “Tiffany”)


2. Carefully glue the bunnies to the jar lids and let dry.


3. Put them on a platform you do not need anymore, e.g. an old cardboard, and paint them following the instructions on the spray paint. Paint until the colour is even on the bunnies and the original colours are invisible. Let dry and afterwards fill with Easter treats!


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