Don’t you have a few pieces of vintage jewelry which you are still clinging to but they are just not fashionable anymore? I have an old brooch which fits that description. Therefore I decided to give it a more modern look by using an easy method. A bit of neon nail polish and it’s suddenly back in style! You can use this method with all different kinds of jewelry and colours, so have fun turning your vintage pieces into modern design pieces!


1. You need different nail polish colours of your choice (I used “Bright Orange” from MaxFactor, “43K” from Manhattan and “N006” from Flormar), a vintage brooch and nail polish remover.


2. Paint carefully individual stones with nail polish. Let dry and paint another layer for an opaque look.


3. Let dry for a few hours. Use nail polish remover to get rid of nail polish stains. Than it’s ready to wear!


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